12 thoughts on “Damaged goods

      • You’re welcome–I’m a fan 🙂 The topic is dear to my heart…after the Viet Nam vets came home and began writing their stories, I was working in a library–and I connected with a guy for the purpose of wanting to do some type of volunteer support. Mostly I wrote letters–but the local funding where many of the vets hung out together was cut. People didn’t care, didn’t want to hear about what happened overseas–and what didn’t happen when they returned. The odd part is that I didn’t know anyone personally who had served in Viet Nam, didn’t lose anyone close to me–yet it still affected me deeply. The war trauma (physical & mental), Agent Orange, and ostracism here at home took a toll on so many. And still we go to war…and suffer the casualties, nothing gained. It’s late, I’d better stop. Take care of you.

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