The fluid solid citizen

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘fluid’.

When Raymond saw beggars on the streets, rattling their plastic cups in the hope of loose change, he wished the government would solve the problem but then next day he would worry that might involve raising taxes.

When Raymond read that the next world war would be fought over water, he would think we should share that elixir of life, but the next day, beer in hand, he would watch his automatic sprinklers spraying his manicured lawn and wonder why the government wasn’t doing more to seed the clouds.

When Raymond was told that full employment in a permanent job was a pipedream in a modern economy, he shook his head but the next day he ordered a wine thermometer from Amazon and dialed for a home-delivered meal.

When Raymond’s mother became old and demented and needed a nursing home, he thought about getting her the best care possible but the next day he thought there was no sense in wasting money when she wouldn’t know the difference.

When Raymond saw people demonstrating about gun control laws after the latest school massacre, he thought about joining them but the next day he thought he’d probably like to keep his guns.

When Raymond dies, nothing will really change; he’ll still be nothing, if not fluid.

33 thoughts on “The fluid solid citizen

  1. and worse, in large groups, people like Raymond are like water they seek a common level.

    it’s not that there’s always someone who wants to be a tyrant/autocrat/dictator, the problem is there never a shortage of people who want to be told what to think, how to see the world

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  2. I have the nasty suspicion, much as I don’t like to believe it, that there’s a wee bit of Raymond lurking in us all. But portraying it like that, showing the extreme, certainly brings the message home. I reckon there would have been a world revolution by now if it hadn’t been for Facebook and all the social media. Great story Doug.

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  3. The grass is greener on the other side comes to mind, Doug, although in this case the grass seems to be changing its hue deliberately. Or the mind looking at the grass does… 🙂

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  4. Clever title, Doug. Sad to acknowledge there are a great number of non-committal “wafflers”, those who would complain one day, praise the next all from the comfort of their couch. You’ve captured this particular personal ennui as only you can.

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