Double edge words

These two pieces were written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘edge’. One for fun and one for reflection, and a bonus film clip.

-edge as a suffix (extract from Wackypedia)

‘edge – border for a Cockney garden

Straightedge – Cockney garden border after trimming

Knowledge – from the Old English ‘know ledge’, seat in exam room adjoining the Precipice of ‘F’

Foreknowledge – (Golfing term) knowing when you are about to be struck by a golf ball

Sandwedge – cheese between two slices of bread, snack often carried by golfers

Priviledge – bench in rich person’s outhouse

On the edge of reality

When Alex opened the fridge, there was fresh food in the house, so he reasoned he must have gone shopping.

He must have done because he had less money than he did yesterday and he remembered Annie at the shop apologising for having to give him so many coins in his change

It was increasingly important to have these reference points, although sometimes he was not really sure whether a day or even several days had passed.

It was sufficient to Alex’s purposes that he believed he was alive and could appear sufficiently coherent, because his soul-grinding fear was that ‘They’ would put him away in some sort of institution one day.

He didn’t believe he was mad or demented as much as disconnected from constants and attachments, which in his more reflective moments he conceded could be seen as madness by some. 

So he needed to be watchful and that seemed like a cruel and unusual punishment for a man who simply wanted to be left alone.

26 thoughts on “Double edge words

  1. Like the Title, like the definitions, like the story, even if it is getting too close for comfort.
    Love the Elvis song, which I don’t remember seeing before.
    Or maybe not since 1968, which is pretty much the same thing as never.
    Chapeau, Doug

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  2. the fear of becoming… untethered, (that was the term you used, wasn’t it?*) surely can be the most fundamental of dysfunctions. Not that I’m not at that point myself (yeah, that’s probably a threshold indicator in and of itself).

    *what’s the deal with the ‘imaginary albeit one-sided conversations appearing in comments?! I did this over at ceayr’s Six… nothing weird, other than make a reference to a point in the story a half-a-scroll up from here… but didn’t seem it would help just to go and look?
    Spreading of fictional realities from members of the Six community, I suspect. Or a peculiar willingness to think of the interactions in comments as not that different from interactions in the ‘real’ world.

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  3. Love the definitions, Doug. (Priviledge has another name here – the House of Lords – £300 a day for just popping in and signing their name! Geez!)
    And the other story’s a difficult one. Made me think of the old Pete Seeger song, Little Boxes.’They’ want us to fit in boxes and there’s trouble if we don’t. And like Mimi says, a diagnosis for everything.
    Your writing really brings out Alex’s confusion.

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  4. The second one hit close to home, sometimes it is easy to become “untethered” but I think that this can also be put to a good use, as you have here – in this piece of writing. And it is so easy to fear being institutionalized in a world that looks at eccentric as mad.

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  5. Doug! Congrats on straddling the edge of…I don’t know what, lol The Elvis clip. Ahead of it’s time, eh? 😉
    I believe we’re witness to a cultural evolution where the youth of today have no concept of “being alone”, phones are their constant companions; constant connection to – everywhere. For the rest of us, takes effort. To be alone.

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