6 thoughts on “My right to a peaceful death

  1. I liked your essay very much. It’s not a very popular topic. The deed must be prevented at all costs! I wonder why we feel the need to warn others about this subject.

    Maybe we should also warn about joy and happiness. “If you are not open to discussion on joy and happiness, just move right along to the next post on your list.” 😉
    This morning I had no post prepared but after reading yours I will be reposting a poem about death.
    Blogging is like a chain reaction. One post can trigger another.

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    • It can indeed, Ladysighs. The subject remains one of the great taboos. I am not normally one for trigger warnings but I thought I should in this case. Ironically, one of the first responses came from a friend who has just lost his son to stomach cancer and he wishes there had been another way for his son to choose to go. More power to your pen (or keyboard more likely). 😉

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  2. Couldn’t agree more Doug. Societal attitudes to dying when you choose are unsustainable and, in many cases, cruel. I have watched two of my loved ones die of cancer and the concept of a pain free death is an unconscionable lie

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