Beyond a joke

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘exchange’.

Stop me if you’ve heard this but there’s this woman who’s dumped her gaslighting partner and exchanged him for a new bloke she’s pretty keen on.

Being a modern liberated woman, she decides to take the initiative and says to him (bold as brass) “I think we should move in together and I want a life commitment.”

And the bloke goes, “Nah, those things are always breakin’ down and they cost too much to repair.”

So the woman goes, “So why don’t we build a better one then, one with lots of spare love, a big, beautiful bed and no boredom allowed?”

And the bloke thinks for a while then goes, “Alright, alright, but there’s a few conditions.”

So she listens and she listens and she listens,

and then she goes, she goes,

she goes


29 thoughts on “Beyond a joke

  1. We really are from different planets, aren’t we, men and women?
    Nice one Doug – you could have saved that guy the trouble of writing a whole book about it.
    Love the conversational tone – it’s the first time I’ve heard one of your stories in my head with an Australian accent. And the layout on the page too.

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  2. I like your story … all of your stories.
    I feel like I’m old-fashioned or maybe odd. My first date with my husband was New Year’s Day. Six months later we were married. No discussion of “let’s try this out.” Celebrated our 50th last month.
    Or maybe I’m just lucky. 🙂

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    • Thanks, D. I’ve been fascinated by the various takes readers have on this tale. Goes to show that what you think are conveying sometimes bears little resemblance to what your audience is hearing. (More spookily, maybe sometimes you don’t even understand what you’re writing). As if writing wasn’t hard enough. 🙂

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