I think we need some space

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘space’.

Bert and Gladys were folding up the tent on their camper trailer when Bert said “Gladys, you know how we were sleeping in the space inside the tent last night?”

Gladys said ruefully “Well, you were doing most of the sleeping while I lay there listening to your snoring but, yes, I do recall we were in bed in the tent last night.”

Bert mused “So when we folded up the tent just now, where did the space go that was inside the tent?”

Gladys gave him one of those ‘is this one of the early warning gaga signs?’ looks and said “Bert, it didn’t go anywhere; it’s still there but now it’s not an enclosed space, it is now free space, unencumbered by tent-ness.”

“But how do you know we didn’t just fold up our space when we folded the tent and it will be released again when we unfold it next time?” questioned Bert.

“Bert”, said Gladys, ”I think we should just head home and from now on you can sleep in the garage, in the space in the tent, so you can be sure it doesn’t disappear, and I’ll be able to get lost in the infinite space of sleep.”

Footnote: The idea for this piece about ‘where does the space go?’ was inspired by the book ‘Divine Right’s Trip’ by Norman Gurney, which was originally printed in installments in the Whole Earth Catalog in 1971.

28 thoughts on “I think we need some space

  1. I find myself wondering, my philosophical friend, if the space inside the unfolded tent is equal to or greater than the space inside your (presumably also) unfolded head.
    (I did enjoy ‘unencumbered by tent-ness’)

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  2. Oh Doug, thank you for this good laugh…I can relate–and by making your story amusing, you’ve taken the sting out of my spouse/tent/space memory. Sometimes healing begins with humor–you’re a messenger from Heaven.

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  3. I often try to picture where The clutter went even though I was the one to clear it away, making room for visitors. Then, I wonder how their spread about stuff will ever fit in their car 🚗 being as it seemed enough for a small house when they were here.
    But she mustn’t be cruel castigated him to the garage.

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