Review – On the verge of extinction

I thought I’d share this 5-star review by Brian Matthews of my short fiction collection, ‘On the verge of extinction’.

‘On the verge of extinction’ by Doug Jacquier

I found this book of short stories both highly enjoyable and thought provoking. The short and sometimes very short stories in the first section are often dark and very quirky. But the stories are deep, cutting, often amusing and very thought provoking. A favourite of mine was ‘Damaged Goods’. The latter section of stories based on the author’s life experiences was, for me, excellent. All up, a very authentic slice of Australian literature that captures the thoughts of someone who has led an interesting life but has few ‘sacred cows’ except a love of, in his words “the crippling pedantry that is adherence to the English language”

My book is available at in the US and at in Australia and in the UK. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, it’s free anywhere!

Any and all support will be gratefully received, especially if you can find the time, like Brian, to write a review.

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