Launching the Min Min Weekly Word Prompt

Hello to all my loyal followers. Today I’m launching a brand new weekly prompt site, Min Min, and I’m hoping you will be a regular contributor. I am doing this to provide a community for international writers to submit short responses to a weekly prompt (word/s, quotes or photos).

It will be a home for fearless writing for fearless readers. No trigger warnings need to be provided and there will be no diversity quotas. Wit, humour, satire and irony will be applauded in the heavens. The guidelines are here.

Comments will be encouraged because that’s where the real payoff is for writers. Forget hitting ‘Like’. If you like a piece or a piece didn’t appeal to you, write briefly about why or why not. Contributors will need to leave their preciousness at home but they will also be encouraged to say what they think in a generous and thoughtful way and/or be funny.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Write away right away!

Note: A big thank you to C E Ayr and Jenne Gray for their thoughtful and humorous contributions to my thinking on this project.

4 thoughts on “Launching the Min Min Weekly Word Prompt

  1. Hi Doug, just got back to TAM. Will def have a go at some Min-Min this week – sounds like an exciting project, especially if you use a few pic prompts and quotes, instead of always a cue word. Good you left the Inlinkz up for more than a week to build contributions.
    Best, Ford

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