Sample entry for Min Min Weekly Prompt

I’m posting this story of mine to test the system and get the party started.

Solitude has its own rewards

Keith turned his gas bottle on and lit the flame under the wok. When his campfire meal was ready, he gave some to his German Shepherd, Arfer. He had just poured himself a glass of cabernet sauvignon when a SUV towing a white caravan pulled up some fifty metres away.

A middle-aged couple emerged and shouted to Keith ‘Great spot you have here’.

Keith looked at them coldly and said ‘Why did you stop here?’ They both looked perplexed and she said ‘Well, we saw strange lights in the sky and it got scary.’

Keith said ‘Just don’t go chasing them or you’ll never come back.’

The man said ‘Come on mate, you’re scaring the missus. There’s no need for that sort of talk.’

Arfer stood up, bared his teeth and growled menacingly. The couple moved rapidly to their vehicle and took off.

Keith picked up his well-worn leather-bound journal, pumped up his lamp and said ‘Arfer, what do you think of this passage? I think it has a sort of timelessness about it but that may be beyond your sense of the aesthetic.’

Keith read the passage in his sonorous voice. When he’d finished, Arfer revealed nothing.

Keith said ‘You’re right, it needs work. Time for bed.’

He turned off the lamp, burrowed into his swag and, as he drifted off to sleep, he noticed the Min Min lights and heard Arfer laughing in his sleep.

19 thoughts on “Sample entry for Min Min Weekly Prompt

  1. Question for you: will you be posting guidelines for type of comments we’re focusing on?
    My tendency on comments & likes is toward the positive (comic), and ignore critique for encouragement (Yay, they’re expressing themselves!).
    Cute story, BTW, but an extra ” ‘ ” is buzzing around your title…

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    • Good idea. Comment however you like, Liz. I was just trying to encourage people to go beyond the Like button and talk with other members of the community. This is all a learning curve. As for the buzzing ‘ Keith’s camping and that’s a bush fly. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. You show a perfect partnership here, Doug. Keith and Arfer are well-matched to each other and against the world. Amazing how one word, ‘ well-worn’ , adds such depth to a character.
    So pleased you’ve set up this challenge. As you say, let the fun begin…

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  3. Hey, thanks for the invite!
    (Don’t tell anyone, but when I first ‘got here’, I experienced a minor flourish of ‘the butterflies’. But then I ‘saw’ Jenne and your running buddy, cyear and everything settled down)
    As to your story.
    Dude! You not only wrote a dog into it, you wrote a German Shepherd as co-lead character. “…heard Arfer laughing in his sleep.
    I will say there are few things more enjoyable than watching one’s dog dream.

    Liked by 1 person

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