No New Min Min Prompt this week

Dear Followers and well-wishers

This is where there would normally have been a new prompt. However, I’ve decided to press Pause on the Min Min Weekly Challenge for a week or so. Despite my own best efforts and those of a small but loyal band of followers, it hardly seems to be lighting up the writing universe.

There are many possible reasons for this, including:

  • There are just too many prompts out there for people to keep up.
  • (Up to) 250 words is too much for people’s limited attention spans these days and/or it falls into the Valley of Death between microfiction and a proper short story. Perhaps, as Jenne has suggested, it should read ‘between 100 and 250 words’.
  • Some people may find posting to your own blog and then sending the link elsewhere is too complicated and perhaps it should be simplified to just posting direct to a page, similar to Carrot Ranch and other pages.
  • Being an (almost) no holds barred page, some people might be afraid of what they might encounter.
  • People may prefer the ‘soft’ challenges on other pages that allow them to simply relate anecdotes or homilies.

I know I’m an impatient old bugger and maybe I should wait for it to grow organically, even at a snail’s pace.

Perhaps I should consider becoming a publisher myself and then at least perhaps be able to offer a wider audience (because, as you know, what the world desperately needs is a new litmag.).

Let me know what you think, in as few or as many words as you like, in your usual fearless fashion. It would be greatly appreciated.



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