Min Min Weekly Prompt – 25 Feb 2023

Thanks to some excellent feedback from you, my loyal followers, I’ve made some changes.

  1. To clarify, submissions should be anywhere between 100 and 250 words. It seems some people thought they had to write 250 words.
  2. You can either simply post your contribution in the Comments section below or add a link or both. In other words, you don’t need to have a blog to participate.
  3. As always, if you are new to Min Min, please read the guidelines in About Min Min before you post.

This week’s prompt is ‘Cancellation’.

So, put on your creative hats and rambling boots and see where it takes you in 100-250 words.

12 thoughts on “Min Min Weekly Prompt – 25 Feb 2023

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  2. OK, so no prose sprang forth but I did manage a poem



    Cancellation, a word so fine
    Erasing everything of mine
    Look around and you will see
    That nothing now belongs to me..

    Or never did
    As behind various role I hid
    But cancelled these are now
    Having long taken my final bow…

    Though questions for me still remain
    Teasing at my tortured brain
    Did I do enough of this and that?
    Was my weave just senseless tat?

    Self-doubt seems wherever you look
    The confident, the proud, in every nook
    Our history shaped by what we’ve done
    Put it aside and have some fun.

    Attempting this time of life to enjoy
    Not seeking out the latest toy
    Building depth in what you’ve gained
    Not just acting as you’ve been trained.

    So, cancellation may not be a bad thing
    Looking back on what to bring
    Into another stage of life
    Only certain there’s sure to be strife

    Brian Matthews, 28-2-23

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    • Theoretically it’s about stories but what poem isn’t a story of sorts. Apparently there even prose poems. 😉
      ‘Was my weave just senseless tat?’ Great line, Brian.
      Ps – Might want to pluralise ‘role’ in the second stanza on your blog. Don’t want the grammar police knocking on your door. 🙂


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