Min Min is no more

Dear small but perfectly formed band of followers, it is with some regret that I advise that the Min Min Challenge will no longer continue. The technical challenges that befogged this bear of little brain are not the cause. I’ve simply decided to take my own writing seriously for a while and remove as many self-inflicted distractions as I can. It’s been fun while it lasted and it’s me, not you. Fare well and write on.

9 thoughts on “Min Min is no more

  1. I totally get that. I’m reassessing & taking stock, myself. Will miss your posts, both humorous and serious.
    Happy trails, my writing friend. Hope you continue to pop up on WP now & again!

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  2. Thanks for your efforts, old buddy, it’s been fun.
    The 250 word limit leaves room to stretch while still imposing some discipline.
    Jenne and I (well, mainly Jenne) will continue this, for now at least.
    Hope you’ll join in as and when you have time.
    Orrabest orratime


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