WWWally’s everywhere

This piece was written for Jenne and ceayr’s new photo prompt up to 250 words challenge. Check it out and join in.

WWWally: ‘Well, if it isn’t old Stop-Slow-Go himself. Come down in the world have you, down with us peasants on the footpath. What happened? Your life support system run off to be a pole dancer? Bet that made you down in the dumped. Har, har, har.’

Triocular: ‘Not at all. I’ve simply decided to hibernate for a while to consider a new non-trinary life, one which lens itself to a more nuanced view of the world, one less cynically cyclical. A sort of paradise shift if you will.’

WWWally: ‘So what does all that gobbledygook mean when it’s at home?’

Triocular: ‘It means the lights are not on because the old me is no longer at home. With the guidance of my patron saint, St. Oscar of Wilde, I’m here in the gutter looking up, through the glass darkly, at the stars.’

WWWally: ‘You’re mad. And you’re a wanker.’

Triocular: ‘Perhaps you’re right on the first count. As for the second, I’m here alone because I no longer wish to participate in the mass debating that passes for conversation amongst the World Wide Witless.

WWWally: ‘Think you’re better than me, don’t you? Well, you’re going to get yours when the Trump-ettes sound at the Second Coming. And, believe me, that’s not fake news.’

Triocular: ‘Oh, I know. My mind’s eyes have seen the glory, glory, hallelujah. And that’s why I’ve decided to no longer be joined at the lip. Now move on. You’re holding up traffic.’

9 thoughts on “WWWally’s everywhere

  1. Well, that was a treat – clever, creative word-play while extending the middle finger up to things as they are.
    And a hair-raising reference to the second coming.
    In the words of Private Frazer, ‘We’re doomed!’
    But not if there are enough Doug Jacquiers.
    Or should that be Dougs Jacquier?
    I hope to see more of the evolving work…

    Liked by 1 person

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