Gaga trip

This piece was modified from an earlier story of mine for this week’s Unicorn photo prompt 250-word challenge.

Beryl: So how did your camping holiday go?

Gladys: Never again. This morning, when we were folding up the tent on their camper trailer Bert says “You know how we were sleeping in the space inside the tent last night?” So I says “Well, you were doing most of the sleeping while I was listening to your snoring but, yes, I do recall we were in bed in the tent last night.”

Beryl: Yairs, my Harold’s the same.

Gladys: So then he says “So when we folded up the tent just now, where did the space go that was inside the tent?”

Beryl: Ya what? Is he going gaga or something?

Gladys: So I says “Bert, it didn’t go anywhere; it’s still there but now it’s not an enclosed space, it’s free space.” But he wasn’t satisfied with that and says “But how do you know we didn’t just fold up our space when we folded the tent and it will come back again when we unfold it next time?”

Beryl: I’d have been ready to call the men in the white coats.

Gladys: Tell me about it. But I just said ”I think we should just head home and from now on you can sleep in the garage, in the space in the tent, so you can be sure it doesn’t disappear.”

Beryl: You’re a scream. Anyway, gotta go. Washing to do. Same time tomorrow? I’ll give you a whistle.

10 thoughts on “Gaga trip

  1. Chatting over coffee/tea can bring forth some interesting conversations. And husband raises an interesting point. Fairy tales from hundreds of years past often mention the room/tent/Tardis that’s bigger on the inside than it looks outside; why *not* have disappearing space?

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