A gripping tale

This piece was written for the Six Sentence challenge, using the prompt word of ‘grip’.

‘Well, Lieutenant, do you think this is the work of Cornflakes Magee, the famous cereal killer, or does it have the telltale MO of the Handlebar Kid, or maybe even the shocking hallmarks of Electric Bill?’

‘No, Sergeant. This has to be the work of Jack The Gripper, as you should have been able to deduce immediately from the contents of that grip bag that he dropped in haste: alligator clips, stillson wrench, BBQ tongs, all the usual paraphernalia, including that dead giveaway of the hardened criminal, superglue.

Obviously your next question will be, ‘where is he now?’ and, again, I would have thought that would have been obvious, even to you, Sergeant; there’s little doubt that he’s found an undercover-in-plain-sight job in the film industry as what else but a grip, a lighting and camera guy.’

‘But, Lieutenant, surely he wouldn’t want the spotlight on him like that when he knows the heat’s going to be on.’

‘On the contrary, Sergeant, he loves the attention and may be working as the key grip, the head honcho.

But my hunch is he’ll be working as a dolly grip, in which case we’ll track him down in no time.’

37 thoughts on “A gripping tale

  1. My favorite was that as a dolly grip, he could be tracked down easily! When I first read this week’s prompt, “key grip” is what came to my mind, too! Fun 6!

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