Revolting Animals

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘rambunctious’.

They animals had had enough and under the leadership of the big red kangaroo, RangaKanga (aka The Bouncer), they’d gathered to plot their revenge, with Baaaasil (aka The Human-Battering Ram) bleating that he was tired of being fleeced and having his offspring end up as Sunday lunch and Beardy the Goat (aka Billy The Kid) was sick of having his wives’ teats pulled for human consumption.

Ringnose (aka Raging Bull) wasn’t going to put up with being ridden for a bunch of clowns and artificial insemination had been the last straw, while Randy the rooster (aka Buck Buck McGurk) was sleeping in and urging the hens not to move off their eggs.

Harold the horse (aka Dirty Harry) had decided the only Derby he was entering in future would be a Demolition Derby and Hogsbreath (aka The Ham From Hell) had vowed that no-one was taking home his bacon.

Down the hill into the town they charged, with Ringnose taking out the china shop just for fun, Hogsbreath trampling a street full of outdoor diners who’d just begun devouring their crispy bacon and Randy gleefully pecking at all the Eggs Benedict devourers.

Beardy went hunting the biggest bellies he could find and the air rang with oofs, while Baaasil turned on the customers in Mrs. McGillicuddy’s Wool Shop, bleating ‘Hit one, hurl one’ as he rampaged, and Harold lashed out randomly with his hooves, whinnying with delight his battle cry, ‘Welcome to the Neigh-borhood’.

But the piece de resistance was left to RangaKanga, who boxed the Mayor and the Councillors into submission and herded them onto the nearby highway, into the path of the roaring trucks.

36 thoughts on “Revolting Animals

  1. Mister Orwell is surely smiling with pleasure and approval.

    (technical appreciation: not the easiest thing to accomplish, this Six of yours this week… construct the list, ok straightforward… keep the personal qualities of the characters upfront without being in the Reader’s face and still have a dynamic, a momentum (with a hook at the end!) nice work!)

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  2. Your aptly named characters surely must have had some association with the character in my SSS this week! HaHa. He would like loved being there to take out some of his revenge.
    What an excellent, entertaining SSS!

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